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Organic Veg Boxes

We think our veg boxes are food as it should be: local, organic and delicious.


Our boxes contain the freshest produce grown on our farm in the heart of the Cotswolds. They vary according to what's in season, ensuring the best flavours for the time of year. We grow over 50 types of vegetables and 200 varieties - have a look at our Instagram to get an idea!


We deliver on Wednesdays and you can order a one-off, weekly or fortnightly and you can pause when you like. Orders must be completed on our online ordering platform (Ooooby) by noon on Mondays.

Veg Box sizes and pricing

Small Veg Box 
£12.85 a week

Suitable for one to two people, contains 5-6 different items 

Medium Veg Box
£17.30 a week

Suitable for one to three people, contains 7-9 different items 

Large Veg Box 
£22.95 a week

Suitable for two to four people, contains 9+ different items 

Extra Large Veg Box
£28.30 a week

Suitable for 4+ people, or serious veg lovers! Contains 10+ different items

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